Thursday, February 13, 2014

I should blog more... AKA: An Update

I don't blog as often as I probably should. I will say, that is partly because I have such an amazing network of support within groups such as Wife Behind the Fire (public page: Some of it is also time - work has been insane, and I spent most of January under the weather, and am now sick again. Boo on that!

I will say, life is about to get crazier - and I am really excited, with a touch of nervousness. I've been accepted back into school. I'm going to change careers from an engineering technician, to elementary education. I know, it's a huge leap! However, it's something that I really feel compelled and driven to move forward towards. I'm taking on a lot of debt though, and that's plain scary! Luckily, The Boss O'me is super supportive of this endeavor.

Pardon me while I pop more mucinex and enjoy the wood stove (a new addition to our home...along with a bidet - yes, a bidet). It's Thankful Thursday, and I'm finding myself thankful for so much, including said wood stove and mucinex!