Friday, November 1, 2013

Kitchen Table: Department Events, Breast Cancer Awareness

So, this catch up post will be pretty short and to the point...

The only department even we've attended in 4 years was when The Boss and 2 co-workers were honored for helping save the life of a gunshot victim who was chosen to be recognized by the Shining Knight's Gala, via our local medical college/teaching hospital. Now, I've gone to the station plenty, and we had a big family Thanksgiving a couple years ago, however that's for the station, not the whole department. In talking to him, they have a retirement party once a year, but it just never seems to happen when we could go. At Christmas they support a local charity that provides gifts to underprivileged children here locally. Now, when he was a volunteer, they did all kinds of department events - but that was before I was around :-)

As far as October and Breast Cancer Awareness, they've sold shirts before, but this is the first year they could actually wear them on duty. That's about it, for real.

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