Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anniversary Weekend!

FF and I went away for our anniversary, to the same cabin as last year. It was really a fabulous weekend. We're talking log cabin, no cell phone reception or internet, secluded, outdoor hot tub, and within driving distance of lots of vineyards. Last year we also did Luray Caverns. I had never been, and really enjoyed visiting them.

This year we did the Virginia Safari Park. There are two portions. The first part is a drive through portion, where you can feed animals from your car. It was incredibly amusing and a really good, relaxing time. Technically you aren't supposed to pet the animals - but it's obvious some of them are used to it and expect it! Plus, how often can you say you got to pet a zebra?! We had this odd bird who kept sneaking up on us and you'd look to one side and boom, there he was. It was hilarious.

After the drive-through portion, there is a walk through portion. It's not real big, but it was still neat. We even got to walk through the kangaroo exhibit.

Obviously, it started raining pretty good by the time we left. That didn't stop us from hitting a few vineyards on our way back, however. The FF and I neither one like dry wine - if we are going to drink, it's going to be sweet! Here's what we came away with:

So, what do you do when it tries to rain out your hot tub time? You put up a canopy, of course!

I'm glad we did, and enjoyed the hot tub some more that night. When we went to leave Sunday morning, it was SNOWING! The trip was definitely much-needed, however. Happy 3rd anniversary to us!

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