Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Bonus points to anyone who knows who said that :-D

So, I'm a smidgeon behind on my posts - today is catch up day!!

Friday's Lent Affirmation:

I try hard to do my best with the lot I'm given. Work has been pretty stressful lately, and instead of losing my temper with an unreasonable external customer, I calmly stated why things were the way I wrote them, and that I would not be changing them since this customer had no technical merit to their requests. I also spent quite the chunk of time explaining to my mom over and over why the doctor was adding meds for her, and what some test results meant. Not once did I lose my patience with her. Go me! I was in a bit of a mood, the morning had started with a seriously bad migraine, and then my firefighter was a grumpalumpagus when he got home. However, I successfully managed to keep most of this to myself, and turn my annoyance and frustration into productivity.

Saturday's Lent Affirmation:

So, this is all about being nicer to myself, right? Saturday night's outfit was a black and green tutu skirt, and a green fitted tee that said Lucky in Love. I looked pretty darn cute. I had on low heels, that have rhinestones across the toes, my fingernails and toenails were a pretty green, and my BFF did my hair and make up. I looked adorable! I felt amazingly confident and sexy, which of course fed the adorableness, which fed the confidence. This is a circle I could get used to!

Sunday's Lent-Break:

Since Sundays don't count as part of the 40 days of Lent, I'm using them to post about how I'm making my marriage better. Today I made a delicious breakfast of strawberry chocolate chip fluffy pancakes, and turkey bacon. Granted we at it closer to dinnertime than breakfast, but hey, I still made it! I typically make his plate and serve him. I enjoy doing little stuff for him. I get happiness from it, and I take pride in what I do for him. Yesterday I got the rare treat of him hopping in the shower with me. (When you are rarely home at the same time, showering together is seriously a rare treat!) I washed him, head to toe. Not because he demands or even asks me too, but because I enjoy it. I love  the intimacy, and sensual-ness, and the service of washing him. It's a big deal to me. 

I'm all-over a better person when our marriage is on track intimacy-wise. No, not just in the bedroom, but the little stuff, like snuggling, holding hands, sitting in his lap, stuff like that. I'm much happier, and it is much easier to repel negativity, when things are happy and balanced.

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  1. UGH! I so need to post about my first Lent, I am enjoying your updates so much! Intimacy is hard with a FF schedule, we enjoy flirty text messages, makes us feel like we are in high school again (of course back then it was beepers and coded messages, lol).....Good Luck!