Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lent Post for Today

Today's affirmation pertains to my motherhood capabilities. I'm typically very, very hard on myself. I never feel like I'm doing right enough by my son. I'm definitely mean to myself on the topic. Tonight we ran into friends we haven't seen in a while, at dinner. Afterwards we were standing outside chatting, and it casually came up that Minion has 2 dads and 2 moms. Then we were discussing unique family arrangements,etc. I'm proud that I'm raising a kid who GETS that everyone's family unit is different, and nobody's family unit is right or wrong. Last year there was a little girl in Minion's class with 2 moms, and no dads. He never once even thought to question it as anything besides a family. I'm proud that I'm teaching my son tolerance and to not just accept others being different, but to embrace it.

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