Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday #1 During Lent

So apparently, Sunday doesn't count during the weeks of Lent. There is back story there, but simply put, it doesn't count. So today's post will be about the things I do to strengthen my marriage, which by default strengthens me as well.

I love my in-state in-laws. I go to family functions with them, without the FF. They aren't blood, but they are family. I'm comfortable there, they love my son and me, and getting along with the people important to my husband, is important.

I try to do stuff for my FF. This morning I made sure he had breakfast, even though he said he wasn't really hungry. (He ate every bite of it, too!) I do small stuff like making sure he has a uniform ready before his shifts, and I set his alarm. If I see that his shaver isn't plugged in, I plug it in, so it's ready for him.

Communication is a huge thing for us. In the last few years I've grown a lot, and he has too, and keeping open communication has definitely strengthened us. I tell him when I'm mad with him, I tell him when he hurts my feelings, and I try to always tell him when I appreciate something he has done. I strive to balance the negatives with positives as much as possible.

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